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Learning by Sharing

We are about learning, collaboration, online education, social constructivism, research in those areas, and advancing the field. The future of education is learning... by sharing.

Our mission is to learn and to help others learn. We do this by sharing our research through conferences, blogs, journal articles and other publications, and by teaching.

AECT Conference

Monday, November 6, 2017 (All day) to Saturday, November 11, 2017 (All day)


Poster for SITE 2014


Week Eight Blog Post

This has been a semester of research for me. I have one qualitative classes and two quantitative classes. I spent most of the weekend using SPSS, in fact, for the two quantitative classes. This is not the question for our blog, but I do not have a preference for either, but would like to be able to be comfortable with both. I think quantitative is a bit harder because they seem to have more specific procedures. Qualitative seems to me more interesting on a human level.


First pass coding becomes more efficient with practice, but it is the discourse, feedback, and comparison process of coding with peers that has been beneficial to my understanding of the procedure. I have discovered that my low inference coding has evolved. During my initial attempts at this first phase of coding, keywords were used. These keywords lacked any “descriptive power.” Advice was given in class to accept that low inference codes do not need to be one word; they can be a phrase or even a sentence, they can be longer.


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